Month: July 2018

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Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is for all

  Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is for people from all walks of life. Here’s how: Professionals For all the office goers in the world, Muse Hybrid Smartwatch is perfectly suitable. It brings you features like snoozing notifications while working on something important. Now you don’t have to worry about adjusting the time every time you travel […]

Automation Home Automation IFTTT IoT Muse Wearables

Muse Hybrid Smartwatch now with IFTTT

Muse Wearables, IFTTT and smartwatches At Muse Wearables, we believe our customers get the best experience when they’re able to put our hardware to use in very personal ways. So, we’ve added Contactless NFC payments to our Muse Hybrid Smartwatch. We aim to free our users from smartphones and wallets. We’re opening our Hybrid Smartwatch […]

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Muse Hybrid Smartwatch Designs

Updated on 12/07/2018 We bring to you the entire final collection of Muse Hybrid Smartwatches. Here we have the Muse Grandeur and the Muse Minimo Collections with all the varieties of Dials, Cases, and Straps. Also, keep an eye on the stretch goal models! Muse Grandeur Muse Grandeur Collection comes with a premium multi-layered dial, […]

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Muse Hybrid smartwatch with Contactless Payments

At Muse Wearables, we’re building the world’s first hybrid smartwatch with contactless payments, and we’re live on Indigogo right now Muse watch is always on your hand – no need to carry your wallets, cards, cash, use it anywhere that accepts MasterCard contactless payments. No pin, card or smartphone required. Pay with Muse quickly, securely […]