Muse Hybrid Smartwatch now with IFTTT

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Muse Wearables, IFTTT and smartwatches

At Muse Wearables, we believe our customers get the best experience when they’re able to put our hardware to use in very personal ways. So, we’ve added Contactless NFC payments to our Muse Hybrid Smartwatch. We aim to free our users from smartphones and wallets. We’re opening our Hybrid Smartwatch on the IFTTT automation platform to aid us in this endeavor. If this intrigues you, stop right now and head on to our Kickstarter¬†and Indigogo campaign page to book your watch now.

Free yourselves from smartphones and wallets

We expect and want our users to connect the hardware controls of Muse Hybrid smartwatch to their home automation setups, home assistants, scheduling tools, smart devices and vehicles. We thought long and hard about the best way to make this possible and decided to expose our hardware interactions to the internet connected world with the help of IFTTT.

First, what is IFTTT?

IFTTT is the de-facto automation provider for some of the most common internet connected platforms in the world. You can download their iOS and Android apps to connect and automate some of the most popular internet connected platforms. They support Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Uber, Telegram, Space agencies, Philips Hue, News Services and even more.

Users and service providers can create and publish IFTTT Applets.

IFTTT Platform allows hardware and software service providers to expose access to their devices and functionalities using a few primitives called Actions and Triggers. Users determine their own ways to combine and connect services on IFTTT. IFTTT also allows users to pair Triggers with Actions, each of which come from different services, using Applets. Applets let users automate daily workflows. Both users and service providers are allowed to create and publish Applets.

Musewearables and IFTTT

Muse and IFTTT - setup guide
Setup IFTTT, connect to your favorite services and trigger them from Muse Smartwatch

We’re excited to announce that we’ll expose a subset of hardware interactions (details forthcoming in a future blog) from the Muse Hybrid Smartwatch as Triggers for IFTTT users. You’ll be able to configure which buttons connect to IFTTT from the Muse App. We will open our IFTTT Applets and Triggers to the general public in the coming months, and publish instructions on how users can use our Triggers to create their own IFTTT Applets.

Configure which buttons connect to IFTTT from the Muse App

In house, we’ve used buttons on Muse Hybrid Smartwatch to toggle Phillips Hue lights through IFTTT. Soon, you can use your watch buttons to trigger a few thousand actions from over 600 providers on IFTTT. You can control your smart, IFTTT enabled internet devices for homes, offices, kitchens and more.

We hope you’re as excited as we are to see the endless possibilities with IFTTT automation.

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